Picture yourself………………….

The digital age is amazing.  Remember when you’d have to drive to the store, drop off your film and wait for days to pick it up?  Now, you take pictures, choose the best ones, go to your computer and print them off on photo paper in minutes.  Amazing!


This morning, we did a great project similar to something I saw in Family Fun magazine.  We had friends over and I had each child stand in front of the door and do a crazy pose.  Most of them chose to jump and I got great shots of them suspended in the air with thier hair standing on end.  We printed the photos out, cut out around their bodies, and glued them onto some paper.

Then, each child drew a background for their picture of some place they imagined they’d like to be.  My three year old drew a “house” around her photo. Another child drew an underwater cave around herself.  Our two year old friend surrounded his photo with dot paints.  When my older two children get home from school I know they’ll want to have me take their pictures so they can do the project.  If you don’t have a digital camera, just use a school picture or a photo of your child that you don’t mind cutting up!

Maybe I’ll do one of myself at the cabin.  I only want to imagine that it’s summer on this snowy March day.

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