Today, I was home with two sick kids.  They were too sick to go to school, but not too sick to be bored.  I put them to work cutting out paper hearts and stringing them onto kitchen twine.  Soon, we had a lovely garland of hearts adorning our eating booth.  All you need is construction paper, scissors, string and a hole punch.  It’s pretty self-explanatory.  I folded the paper and drew the outline for my three year old who loves to cut and cut and cut.  My son, who is eight, could make the hearts, punch the holes and put them on the string.  He also figured out how long the strings should be. 

We found that it is easiest to just put all of the hearts on the string, put the string up and then slide the hearts into position.  The kitchen string (for tying meat) works well, because the construction paper won’t slide on it and the hearts stay in place, but you could probably use yarn or any other string. 


Happy Valentine’s Day!

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