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Saved by the Craft Bin

November 27, 2009

I thought I had a perfect project for the kids to work on after we polished off our turkey and stuffing.  In my refrigerator were four bags of cranberries and my mom was nice enough to bring over a boxful of styrofoam balls and cones, along with some red ribbon.  My idea was to have the kids cover the foam with cranberries to make holiday decorations that could be hung with ribbon or placed around the house.  They were going to be so pretty. 

If only I hadn’t forgotten to buy pins.  I only had a tiny box of push pins that wouldn’t be enough for even one child’s project.

I had seven kids sitting around the table with their cones looking at me expectantly.  “I’ll be right back!” I blurted, and ran to the basement to retrieve the rainy day craft bin filled with buttons,ribbon, sequins and everything else left over from crafting days gone by.  They oohed and ahhed as I open the treasure chest of crafting and immediately started to glue, bend, and poke things onto their styrofoam.  It was a huge success. 

You will need: styrofoam forms, glue, your junk bin and kids looking for something to do.  Have fun!