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Driveway Painting

June 12, 2009

 cropped driveway painting

I shouldn’t complain, but summer vacation hasn’t gotten off to the best start.  It’s been cold and rainy and I’ve had a sick child.  My dreams of sunny days at the pool, sprinklers and Popsicles have been dashed.  The “magic of summer” has been nonexistent. 

Today, however, I’m seeing a glimpse of hope.  It’s seventy-six and the sun is peeking out.   My kids were thrilled when I pulled out a seasonally-banned substance (Moonsand) for them to play with in the driveway.  Play-dough?  Sure!   They had hours of fun building castles they decorated with flowers and rocks.


What better place than the driveway to let your child paint?  Bite the Bullet!  Get out that washable tempera paint, your paintbrushes and, if you have it, a roll of easal paper.  Let them make a mural.  Get out the markers.  I was amazed how happy and busy it kept my kids. 


Finally, I got to sit on the porch with a glass of iced tea and read my book while the kids played happily outside.  Ahh.  At last.  The magic of summer has arrived.