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Ever heard of Aebleskivers?

June 19, 2010

Last week, the Blog Pantry, our Twin Cities women’s blogging group, met at Local D’Lish to make aebleskivers and collect donations for the Minneapolis Crisis Nursery.

Local D’Lish is a neighborhood grocery store featuring many, many local, organic, and sustainable foods, located at 208 N 1st Street in downtown Minneapolis.  Their local spring produce provided a feast for the eyes as well as the palette.  If you live in the Twin Cities, I’d definitely check it out!  They’ve even got an urban farming set up where they use fish in a tank to fertilize small indoor crops of greens.  Your kids will think it’s cool!

Aebleskivers are Danish spherical pancakes and they are a blast to make.  My mom made them when I was a kid, but I hadn’t had one in years.  You use a special pan to cook them and can put a sweet or savory treat in the middle as they brown.  We filled ours with bacon, apples, chocolate, herbs, strawberries-you name it, and dipped some in jam, honey or homemade caramel sauce when we ate them.  (They’re also great with butter and syrup.)  Yum!

Chad from Aunt Else’s Aebleskivers was there to demonstrate how to turn them with a stainless steel chopstick as they cooked and we had a contest to see who could make the best one!

Kids would have a great time making these (with proper supervision, of course.)  I think I’ll buy an aebleskiver pan for my parents’ cabin, where we have time for fun, leisurely breakfasts.

If you’re looking for a pan, or anything else you need to make these Dutch treats, go to Aunt Else’s Aebleskiver‘s website.  They’re a local company that makes organic aebleskiver mix, gluten-free aebleskiver mix & aebleskiver pans.  (Their pans are made at a small, local foundry.) They also make fresh aebleskiverseach Saturday at the Mill City Farmer’s Market, which is a great family destination!

My favorite food find at Local D’Lish was the garlic pepper jelly from Lucille’s Kitchen Garden.   They make delicious savory pepper jams that are friendly to the Minnesota palate and a new line of Little Lucy’s fruit spreads with amazing combinations like Strawberry-Vanilla & Raspberry-Lime.  You can find their preserves at  stores and their booth at the Mill City Farmer’s Market.

Do you have any favorite, fun foods you like to make with your kids?

Fruit and Veggie Dyed Eggs

April 2, 2010

I’ve always wanted to try making natural egg dye, and when I saw the how-to article by Lee Svitak Dean in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, I decided to give it a go.  The dying part involves boiling, so is best done by a parent, but your child will have fun wrapping the dyed eggs in onion skins and rubbing them with colorful spices!  I cleaned out my freezer and found frostbitten blueberries and chopped spinach to use for two of my dyes.  A head of red cabbage and bottle of curry worked for the other two.  Boil colorful fruit, vegetables and spices with 4-8 cups water and a few Tbs. of white vinegar.  When the water is boiling, add raw eggs and boil for 10 minutes. 

The pigment in the fruits and veggies will be absorbed by the egg’s porous surface as they cook.  Let sit until cool.  You can chill them in the dye over night for more intense color.  Then, wrap the wet eggs in onion skins or rub with paprika for yellow.  We also smeared blueberries and sprinkled sea salt on our eggs.   Experiment with different dyes!

 We had the best luck with blueberries, curry and red cabbage.  Spinach didn’t work so well.  What worked best for you?  Don’t forget to eat your creations.  Hard-boiled eggs make a great snack!

Leaving the Bubble

March 17, 2010

We all tend to live in bubbles, and as moms, we get stuck circling our bubbles over and over again, between school and the grocery store and sports practice and church.  The more you stay in your bubble, the harder it gets to leave it.  But, if you get out and go to the city, or the farm, or a museum or nature center, you will realize how great it is for you and your kids to have a change of scenery.

If you live in the Twin Cities and you have kids, the Midtown Global Market (MCM) should be on your destination list.  Not only can you taste food from all over the world, there are shops with interesting wares from everywhere.  It reminds me of the Cost Plus that was in San Francisco in the 70s, and how I’d spend hours wandering through the aisles, smelling cinnamon and incense, trying to decide whether to spend my dollar on a wooden elephant or a mood ring.

Every Wednesday, during the winter, the MCM  hosts “Wee Wednesday”, with activities for kids and special guests from 10-1.  Kids also eat free at most of the restaurants with the purchase of an adult meal and the food is AMAZING!  Next Wednesday is the last Wee Wed. of the year until next fall, and the Minnesota Zoo will be there with some animals.  Put it on your calendar!  I’ve done hands-on-science there a few times, we’ve heard great music and we met the Minnesota Twins mascot.  My four-year old loves going there and I alway leave with a bag of some of the best produce in town from The Produce Exchange and some bread and pastries from The Salty Tart.  Parking is easy in their new ramp across the street and is validated with any purchase.

Last night, Molly, of Tastebud Tart, hosted our Blog Pantry Event  at  MGM’s “A La Salsa” , where I met and reconnected with many local women bloggers over chips and margaritas.   One of the fabulous women I met is Kris Ann of, who will soon be blogging for!  I absolutely loved her and can’t wait to have her blogging here with me! 

Kris Anne and me (both wearing Hot Mama.)  To see more photos of the event, you can click here.

I’m going to try to leave “the bubble” more often this month.  The Russian Museum is next on my list, but today it’s beautiful outside, so I’m taking my four-year old out to rake the garden and see what’s popping up!