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Spring Dioramas (or What to do with Stale Peeps)

April 11, 2009


Some kids love Peeps and some kids hate them.  We almost always end up with stale marshmallow animals and leftover jellybeans.  Today, we did this project while I boiled eggs to dye, but it would be a great way to use some of that Easter basket grass, uneaten candy and marshmallow chicks.  You could also hit the after-Easter sales and get Peeps really “cheep.” (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)  If your kids devour all of their candy, they could make animals for their dioramas using play dough, sculpting clay or even cotton balls.

All you need are: paper plates, glue, Easter basket grass or shredded paper, crayons, Peeps or something similar, jelly beans, egg cartons, twigs, play dough, rocks, craft bin stuff, and anything else you can think of.


Have your child color the plate green, or whatever color they choose.  My kids also drew ponds and rabbit holes on their plates.  Then, let them start gluing stuff on.  We used old play dough to make the twigs stand up like trees.  Cut-up egg cartons made great nests and “caves” for their animals.  My six year old daughter did sort of a minimalist scene, while my three year old crammed her diorama  (and her mouth) with everything she could get her hands on.