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Dandelion Curls

May 13, 2009


My daughters were playing tug-of-war with a chrysanthemum size dandelion today when it’s “head” popped off.  As tears ensued,  I recalled a making dandelion curls as a child and assured them that we could do something really fun with the stem.  This is so simple, I hesitate to post it, but my daughters are hooked.  They’ve spent the last half hour running outside to find more dandelions.  They ooooh and aahhhhhhhh every time a new one curls.

You will need dandelions and a bowl of water.  Remove the head of the dandelion and show your child how to split the stem with their fingernail to peel it in half.  Put the stem in the water and voila-dandelion curls.  Shorter pieces will make tight curls.  It’s also fun to leave the flower on and curl the stem. 


I think the stem curls because the inside of the stem absorbes water, while the outside doesn’t, but I’m not sure.


It’s good to have a few weeds in your yard.  I’m pretty sure that dandelions are my kids’ favorite flower!