Creating Networks

Earlier this week, I was fortunate enough to meet up with a group of women bloggers from the Twin Cities at The Blog Pantry’s networking event at Edina’s Ciao Bella.  Food bloggers Kate in the Kitchen, The Tastebud Tart, Cafe Cyan and Unplanned Cooking were there, alongside weight-loss blogger and inspiration Prior Fat Girl and diet and lifestyle consultant Mary Langfield.  From the style and fashion blogging world, we had BeautyBets and green-living guru Megan from also joined us.  MomCulture told us about her lastest  interviews with hip artists and mom bloggers Luther Liz and The Recovering Procrastinator were there toting their cute little ones. Sairey of Irely (foxy no-line panties) was there, as was Little Bean Photo and Fox’s Trish Van Pilsum of Off Camera with Trish.   General Mills sent some great samples our way and we were set for a night of fun and networking. 

Just click on the names to check out the blogs and websites these amazing women have created.  Hopefully, you’ll be as inspired by these women and their strong, unique voices as I am!  (Maybe you’ll even decide to start a blog of your own.)

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