Soapy Monsters

Put a bar of soap in the microwave and watch it grow into a monster shape that your child will have a great time decorating!

All you need is UNSCENTED soap and your craft bin (pipe cleaners, googly eyes, buttons, ribbons, toothpicks, wrapping paper, corks, etc.)  Put the soap on a plate in the microwave, set it on high for two minutes and watch it expand into a blob as it cooks.  If it’s not puffy, put it in for another minute or two, keeping an eye on it.  Take it out and let it cool a little so that your child doesn’t burn their fingers when they decorate it.  (It is hotter under the surface.)  Let them stick beads, feathers and pipe cleaner into their creature.  We had trouble getting the eyes to stay on, since the soap is slick, so I’d recommend helping them with this so they don’t get too frustrated, or just using something that will stick in to the soap far enough so that it doesn’t fall out.

What happens?  The soap contains moisture, which evaporates when heated, forming bubbles which can’t escape.  Try it with clear soap or colored soap.  Don’t use scented soap like I did or your whole house will smell like a bathtub!

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One Response to “Soapy Monsters”

  1. Rani Says:

    I did this once with scented soap, too! Now there is a scent of soap that I cannot stand. What a great idea – my kids will love this.

    gotta go – watching pairs figure skating…..

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