Creative Mamas

When you were a kid, did you ever used to make up plays or shows and perform them for your parents and their friends?  Recently, I had the opportunity to do pretty much same thing as an adult, and it was a blast!

“I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter!”  sent my fellow blogger and good friend a Flip video camera and asked her to create and film a commercial for their new “Turn the Tub Around” campaign.   They’ve put out a new, healthier product and have a great campaign to go along with it starring Megan Mullally.  Check it out at

Jennifer let me in on the fun, and with the help of a few friends and Hot Mama’s Edina store, we managed to juggle our kids and our schedules just long enough to put something together.  Not only did we sing for the video, we had to learn a signature dance move and I am NOT a great dancer.  Incredibly, we just found out that our video is a finalist in the video contest.  We’re up against some amazing competition, but there’s a chance that part of our homespun video might air on a commercial during American Idol next Tuesday, Jan.12th.   You will be able to view our video beginning on Jan.19th on the “Watch, Vote and Win Sweepstakes” at

Check it out for a glimpse of a couple of  moms acting like kids!  You’ll also have a chance to win great prizes every time you vote for your favorite video!  (Hopefully, it will be ours.)

Note:  The free video Flip camera was sent in exchange for our participation in the contest and I LOVE it!  It’s small enough to fit in my purse and plugs right into my USB port to download videos.

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2 Responses to “Creative Mamas”

  1. Unplanned Cooking Says:

    I have a feeling this may be your big break! You have an amazing voice, and a great presence!!

  2. Sprout Says:

    You’ve got my vote!

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