I live in an amazing neighborhood.  We like to call it Mayberry.  Children run from house to house playing while neighbors keep watchful eyes on them.  Moms sip glasses of wine and chat at the end of long summer days and there are frequent gatherings filled with music and laughter.  Everyone knows your name. 

This is my perspective as a happily married mother of three young children.  As my neighbor Ginny used to say, “We’re living the dream!.”

A wonderful article in the Sunday Times today reminded me that there are many people in my neighborhood with a completely different view of our streets and the people who live here.    

It’s called “Lonely on the Street Where We Live.”   Read it.  It will make you think.

This week, the kids and I are going to bake holiday cookies to take to some our elderly and recently widowed neighbors.  Yesterday, we made Christmas Cottages (like gingerbread houses, but out of graham crackers.)  I’ll post the project soon!

3 Responses to “Mayberry”

  1. unplannedcooking Says:

    What a great point. We have an elderly woman on our street who is 96, and she is always thankful for company. I’m glad we have a neighborhood that supports her (and maybe we should even more).

  2. Andrea Says:

    I love hearing your perspective on that article, because after I read it I told my husband, “This is exactly why I like to move around, because if you don’t, you end up depressed in the end when you realize that everything has changed, but you.”

    Anyway, thanks for showing me another side. And thank you for the marshmallow people idea. Now I have something to do on this cold afternoon.

    Looking forward to meeting you at the MN Blogger Event!

  3. Lee Says:

    Very powerful article and such a great reminder! Thank you! I am going to reach out to those neighbors too…thanks!

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