Get Inspired

I spent last week at an intensive writing class at the Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis learning how to write for kids.  It was a little intimidating, since I don’t  consider myself a “real” writer, but I left at the end of the week feeling inspired.  Inspired is a great way to feel. 

What have you done lately to feed or discover your creative self?  As parents, we work hard to nurture our children’s imaginations, but tend to leave ourselves in a creative abyss.  It’s time to climb out!

Try something you’ve always wanted to do, or rediscover something you loved to do before you had kids.  Take guitar lessons, get out your old paints, or write a story for your children.  Just do something.  Stop making excuses. 

Your kids will love to hear you sing or play, no matter how you sound.  They’ll treasure anything you paint, and if you write them a story, you’ll probably be their favorite new author. 

Don’t do it for them, though.  Do it for you.  It will surprise you and frustrate you and drive you crazy, but, who knows?  You may find yourself inspired.

Coming soon…………………….a great craft project using paper plates, paper cups and your junk bin……………………………

One Response to “Get Inspired”

  1. ranireads Says:

    You’re absolutely right! I’m off to dust off my old guitar.

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