Fairy Houses

Some activities just evolve when you send your kids outside to play. The other day, my children and their friends decided to build fairy houses. Eventually, they had built a whole fairy “resort”.

My part of the project involved nothing more than watching them out the window and letting them pull some leaves off of my Hosta plants. As anyone with Hosta knows, the plants will recover.

(I also watched with a blind eye as they picked some blossoms from my garden to decorate their little houses.)




Hosta leaves





whatever they can find

A perfect garden is nice. A child playing outside, using his or her imagination, is priceless.

(As is having a few minutes to yourself!)

So, next time your child complains that there’s nothing to do outside, suggest making fairy houses. My kids also love to build bird “nests”out of sticks. Who knows?  You may even be tempted to join them.

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One Response to “Fairy Houses”

  1. ranireads Says:

    Again! What a cool idea. Thanks for the tip! I love this blog.

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