Nature Walk Bracelets


Since a friend gave me this idea, I’ve been waiting for a beautiful spring day.  Yesterday delivered.  My daughters and I went for a nature walk, looking for signs of spring and assembling our discoveries on our wrists to create wearable art.   It’s simple to do and perfect for all ages.  I even had fun making my own bracelet! 

All you need is duct tape and your walking shoes.  Cut the tape so it fits comfortably around your child’s wrist and tape it around like a bracelet, sticky side out.  Take a walk in a park or down your own street and have your child find small leaves, flowers and other natural artifacts to adorn their wristlet. 


Almost everything we tried stuck to the tape pretty well.  We wore our bracelets all afternoon and several people mistook them for real jewelry.  My older daughter thought they looked even prettier as the leaves and flowers wilted and flattened out on the tape.  If your child wants to keep their bracelet, cut it off and leave it to dry.  (Eventually, they’ll forget about it and you can throw it away.)



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One Response to “Nature Walk Bracelets”

  1. ranireads Says:

    That is so cool. I have a sick little girl who is in my lap looking at these pics. If she’s up and about tomorrow, we are going to do this! What a fun mother’s day activity.

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