Mosaics and Collages- A Hundred Little Pieces


I love projects that my three year old enjoys as much as my older children.  After all, how often are you doing a project with children who are all the same age and have the same abilities?  That being said, for my youngest, these projects were all about playing with glue.  My older daughter took it to a different level and made representational pictures.  They both had a great time.

We did two projects, both requiring only paper and glue, but open to artistic interpretation.  In other words, get out the craft bin.

For the mosaics, we cut colorful paper into squares about an inch long on each side.  Next, I had my six year old draw a picture on construction paper and use the  squares to “color in” the picture.  My three year old loaded the paper with glue and randomly covered it with squares.  The results were colorful and pretty.  Your child can also make wonderful and creative mosaics by tearing construction paper into small pieces and piecing them together into a picture.  Interesting shapes can inspire great art!  Older children might love cutting tiny squares to make more detailed, complicated mosaics!


 The word for collage is french, and means, literally, gluing.  A collage is an artistic composition made of various materials (as paper, cloth, or wood) glued on a surface.  We just used paper, but buttons and ribbons would be great additions!  

We recycled the colorful paper towel strips from last week’s blog (litmus test) for our collage, cutting them into petal and leaf shapes.  My daughter decided to cut some into grass. Then, we glued them onto construction paper to make flowers and drew stems with magic markers.  As you can see, a little less glue might have been a good idea.  A friend of mine suggested using cupcake papers for flowers and having children draw stems and leaves! 


You supply the ingredients and your kids will happily supply the imagination!  Have fun!


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