Clothespin Art Gallery


My kids bring the most wonderful art home from school.  Their creativity constantly astounds me!  It helps that they have a fantastic art teacher, of course.  She inspires them with lots of great projects. 

Displaying the artwork is a challenge in itself.  Most of it is very big.   My refrigerator would horrify any interior decorator who hates clutter.  It’s a collage of the kitchen table art that my children produce in huge quantities on a daily basis.  I hang their drawings up for a few days and then replace them with new ones as they are presented to me.


For a more slightly more attractive and permanent gallery of my childrens’ art, I love putting copper nails in the wall, stringing ribbon or twine between them and using painted clothespins to hang  the art.  My son’s room has a gallery on one wall and we have another small one in the upstairs hallway.  They are informal, of course, but perfect for a child’s room, a playroom, a mud room or a laundry room.

Today I was at the hardware store and bought a bag of clothespins for a dollar.  After school, my kids had fun painting them and gluing little beads and plastic jewels on them.  I think they’ll be a great addition to our “galleries”.  We used acrylic paint and toothpicks as paintbrushes for our little project, but use your imagination.  Get out your junk box and let your child create hangers that are as much fun as the art itself! 


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