Halloween Lanterns


“Where are my zizzors?” is a common refrain at my house.  My two (almost three) year old loves few things more than cutting any piece of paper she can find into a million little pieces.

With a little help, she was able to do this project and put her cutting talents to use.  It’s geared toward older kids, but she had a great time cutting and gluing and is very proud of what she made.  All you need is construction paper, tape, glue and “zizzors.”

Simply fold your construction paper in half and draw parallel lines from the fold to within a few inches of the edge.  Have your child cut along these lines.  Unfold the paper and make it into a long “roll” with the fold bulging out, so it looks like a lantern.  Tape either end.  Then have your child cut out eyes, a nose and a mouth for their lanterns and glue them on.  It is also fun to cut a strip of paper to tape on as a handle for the lantern. 


You can make jack-o-lanterns, green witches, ghosts, goblins or anything else your kids dream up.  They look cute sitting on a table or hanging from the ceiling.  You can throw them in the recycling after Halloween or save them for next year’s decorations!

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